I write because my bones pour out the words.

People often say, oh so you're taking a gap year - and I give them a sideways look and reply, no its a gap life.

During 2014 I found myself balancing the tension of being a barista, a media intern and a student too - being placed within apparently conflicting roles was a lot to juggle as I began to glimpse at that which brings me fully alive.

I am excited for what is to come, but for 2013 I dared to learn what it means to live 'Now'. During 2014 I wildly discovered the reality of living 'Fearless', and for 2015 I enter into an intentional decision to 'Thrive'.

I am learning to dream bigger... to not be limited by limitations I place around myself, and to step out of the box.  Daring to live {safely in His arms}.

Without the valley there would not be a mountaintop. I am learning that we really do walk within miracles and those mountains are always hopping away.

To me it feels a bit crazy to call myself a writer - but surely all it takes to become one is to write, and so that's what I choose to do. Not in a big way, not in a regular pattern or for very much of a reason, but purely because I love to do it.

Grace Elizabeth