Saturday, 2 May 2015

I love social media

I know the tendency is usually to talk it down - it's appearance in our New Years reslolutions and fasting choices simply utter of our guilt.

I guess I've felt guilt in my lack of guilt. I just love my Facebook news feed, for me, it is like a magazine to which I choose the sources and the content! There's videos, memes and GIFs that make me really properly belly laugh, there's articles that send me off and reel me in, there's posts that I emphatically disagree with and there's some things that make me cry. 

And with all the things wrong about Facebook's algorithm I LOVE being able to tell it when I don't like something with a reason why and Facebook's suggested posts have shown me some of my favourite web content!

Sometimes I hear the cries of but its not actually reality and well that just scares me. Does that mean that all these feelings it makes me feel aren't real too? And I guess I think of cyber bullying and I wonder what its victims would say of social media's reality status. 

When you start to participate in the community, because yes that is what it is - a community, you begin to have awareness to the fact that whilst there may be thousands of air-filled miles separating you, this screen on front of you shortens those miles to next to nothing. Because not only do I get to read people's raw thoughts as they write them, they let me glimpse at their very real lives.

So, I love social media. Yes, even when it's really bad. Because I wouldn't have bumped into the likes of Ann Voskamp and then Sarah Bessey, of Jennie Allen and, oh my, IF and Kid President and Upworthy and Noisetrade.

Crumbs the things I wouldn't have read. What might astound you is that God speaks - and He even uses social media to do so. {you, equally, may be like, well, yes DUH!!} 

And not only do I get to see all this big world stuff I get to share in my friend's lives in a way I could never have dreamt of - I am opened to deeper and wider connections. I remember doing life without it, I remember that the world still went round but I now know in seconds when my friend, 5000 miles away, is having a bad day and when she's having a brilliant one. 

I get to see beyond my small circle of influence into a world glimpsing at God and all He is doing, and I simply have to stop apologising for my love of it. 

I know it's not all bright and rosie but then neither is driving a car, going to church or going for coffee. Life isn't all bright and rosie and that includes, but is not the product of, social media. 

See you later!