Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I began to wonder if that was it, no more one words, but it made me sink inside - I could glimpse at what it was to mean, what it was to play out within the waking up walking around days.

It had to be about exploding in this moment here, doing all I could to LIVE and live properly. To be a full expression of myself.

I just couldn't place the word. It wouldn't come.

and then like that



to flourish. to grow vigorously.

Let me jump into this moment here, let me choose to live to my fullest, let me find what brings me fully alive and jump right through the door of opportunity waiting!

I am blown away by how much Now still lives with me, and feel blessed to have Fearless spoken over me.

This year I dive into the canvas, awaiting the moments where I get to step back and glimpse at the awesomeness being painted. This year my agenda fades back as His agenda finds space to prosper, to succeed, to bloom, blossom and THRIVE.

Do you have a One Word? I am so excited to find so many of my most favourite of peoples choosing to let one word direct their year - it is such an awesome and fun way to live! It honestly has changed me and I'd love for you to join me!