Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I imitate

A human, a machine, a criminal... a monster?

I edit moving pictures. Not every day. But that's what I do do. And it feels a bit small and menial and unmeaningful. 

Is it a good or bad thing to avoid showing the small child who is crying about being the snowflake in this year's rendering of the nativity?

I've been wanting to take a trip to the cinema for a while now. But days pass me by, they turn into weeks, and months when suddenly I turn around and the sun has gone from my back - I have to de-ice my car and am met by the wonders of heated wing mirrors.

But today he said lets go. So we went. 

And he said how he would have a totally different worldview when he came out of the film. And that truth sort of hit me once spoken aloud. 

Because really they do hit me. Films I mean, I enter into this other world whether it's nonsense or fact and they rarely fail to take me on a whirlwind.

Then the credits roll and the lights fade me back into the reality of existence. And the last two hours of my life have an immense impact. 

And they did. I felt like the words unsaid were the most powerful this evening. 

And I sit and try to figure out multicams and resolutions and dimensions, and sound stuff. And mostly a whole great pile of computery words that I really don't understand. 

But as my customer Ian said. Yes I guess the higher up the less broad your job is. 

So I am in this chain. And if someone didn't start by filming the nativitys. Then maybe the pile of stuff wouldnt build to films with such immense power to change my entire worldview in the telling of a story. 

May it be that I don't forget the power in recording.