Friday, 4 July 2014

She rises: spiritual mums

I've known it for sometime. 

I've known that on Mother's Day i might not be in the season of life that gives me natural motherhood. But I've know that I am a spiritual mum. 

Not because of anything anyone has said or anything I've done but this feeling right down inside was screaming. Oh I place you as mum. 

And so I position myself to be this mum. 

And then Holly Wagner said it out loud. She spoke to the 50 year olds, the 30 something's, the 20s and the teenagers and the children. She said it out loud: you are all someone's spiritual mum. 

And then I decided I should stand in that place. Not just sit: but rise. 

And yesterday I did that. Yesterday I sat amongst these amazing young people. These girls-turning-women. And I got to whisper the words LOUD: you are loved. 

The world might label you as ugly, or fat, or not enough, you might be labelled with expectations, or all manner of things. But Jesus steps in - He always steps in - and He labels you as loved. 

He labels you as eternally loved. 

And what a privilege to be able to speak truth alongside those who spoke truth to me. What a privilege. 

May you know the truth that you have people in your life to learn from and you have people in your life who are learning from you. May you rise in that. And may you learn truth. And then may you speak truth.