Monday, 23 June 2014

I explain the exploration

{In which I explain why this is more than just a painting, this is more than me tracing outlines and filling them in, this is about more than a grade on a piece of paper, this is an exploration which will not leave my heart....}

In a world where the young are written off - from the ones who fall {out of school, out of work, out of life} to the ones who choose to stand {who are passionate about God: who are ready to change the world}. 

We are written off as nobodies, busybodies, excitedbodies, with high energy and readiness for a life that will surely lead to the mundane. This isn't a fault of just the moment here but of generation after generation after generation. 

But I've seen this Spirit rising amongst us. I've seen a shift, a change: a movement. 

Messages of love and of hope and of light and of freedom are whispered across the deep. 

What more do you expect of us other than to give up here - give up now?
All I see is people asking us to resign ourselves to the usual pattern of society. 

But then I look and I read the words of God and I see a very different idea: dream

Despite all these voices calling me to emptiness I hear God's voice: constant and clear: "follow me". 

"I am the way."

and this way is BIG and different and radical and so adverse to the ways of this world: we are speaking of the unrecognisable. 

We are people who are following untouched paths - curating a different way: the way of old and of ancient - of Moses and of Elijah. 

What are we living for if not for God?

We were not made to find our comfortable and stay there. 

This is a battle that God has already won - we are not here to win the war: we are here to join in with where He is moving. 

We stand and embrace the mountains moving. 

We are an embodiment of this Vision.

{I hear but I do not listen to these voices around me who know not of these things! who hold others back...}

And so this is who I stand before you as. 

This is who we stand before you as. 

A fulfilment of this Vision. 

We are these people. 

We are the dangerous and the free and the radical. 

Oh we fall, we get it wrong and we want to turn back - but this is why we are in it together. 

We hold each other's arms up. 

We live life separately but stand together. 

We are passionate about giving the glory to the majestic King of all Kings. 

Your discouragement falls off of our backs. 

We will not hold back and we will not be held back. 

With fearful fearlessness we step into a Kingdom where Love reigns. Where a different song is sung. 

"all creation's standing now, lifting up His name"

Stand with us. Join us as we dance in the rain. 

Over the past year all my artwork has been building up to this two minute video - the project has been based upon and inspired by 24-7 Prayer's Vision, by Pete Greig. It has been amazing to explore what the words of that Vision say to me, and to have my eyes opened and be awakened to the reality that this Vision is coming to pass - I see a movement of people choosing a different way. Choosing God's way, and its hard and its tiring but its the best and there's nothing better. We wake the dawn with our song, we are forever rejoicing.

From the recent exhibition of my work - left is the video and written piece on display, right is my first final piece in the series, 'out of darkness'.