Tuesday, 11 March 2014

If I was going to write you about today:

I'd say...

God already has this day written in His book. He got you here by utter miraculous grace, and now you take this step forward. 

One door opened straight into another that you need to knock on. But let it be known that whether this door opens or not, God chooses. It is His will be done. And His name be glorified. 

Whatever happens today. You have chosen Him with incredible determination, and beautiful perseverance. 

This isn't about you or even them. It's Him. Always. 

Do not fear. Or tremble. Or over excite. Or silence. Or worry. Or tremble. 

Nerves be gone. 

Whatever happens: this is by appointment of the King. {And maybe that sounds grand and poncy. But it's true.}

As you stand on truth. As you step out in faith, your righteousness shall be honoured. You shall find favour.

But when all is said and done: this is sorted. 

So go in there and dance like there's no tomorrow.