Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Feminism can't be dead.

Feminism can't be dead. It really can't. 

Because I know these beautiful women. My friends! They stand, and they're brave. And they get out of bed: every. single. day. To raise their children. 

I know a Mum who stops at nothing. And I know another one and another one. I know women who get shoved into small boxes within ministry and outside of what we classify it to be. 

I know women who feel like their calling has a label of small stamped smack bang on top of it. I know women who have wilder hearts than you can imagine, though you could if you opened your eyes to look because they are before you. 

They are beautiful, they are brave, and they are standing on truth. 

God is their truth and their strength. They let it be not a fight of man against woman. But a battle that was already conquered when one Man laid his life down for all. 

Oh let me tell you. Feminism can't be dead because we are a collective. We have a different face. We are unique. And achingly beautiful. And exciting. And confusing. 

We are all over the place and we fall apart. 

But there's this thing about feminism it is less about burning down walls, alienating the already lost and wandering and more about building bridges. 

It's about showing up and saying YOU COUNT. Because we do. They do. I do. You all do. 

We count TOGETHER. Not because of anything we did, but because of what He did. 

There is every excuse in the book, but I know the author, and he is defeated. There is an Author so much greater. I can't even begin to put into words. 

We are women. We are men. We are different. And yet we stand together. We were created for each other. To be together. To stand with each other. To bring out the best that could possibly be from each other. 

Feminism can't be dead because we need to understand that we all matter. And perhaps I am closer to professing that I might just be a feminist. Of course, a Jesus one. But what does the label matter?! It is less about that and all about Him. 

I hope you see in between the lines. Because there is something we need to get. We miss the point. Every. Day. Because we shove labels upon everyone. And we generalise and categorise and stereotype. And everything-ise. 

God is what matters.