Monday, 27 January 2014

473 days.

473 days. These three rubber bracelets never left my wrist in 473 days. As a testament to a woman who changed my world, and a promise that one day I would return. 

I had to take them off for work, but for another 50 days I kept pulling them back on. My heart couldn't let go. 

Waking. Sleeping. Showering. On the mountain tops and the darkest valleys. Through every single experience of those 473 days they remained there. Weddings. Preaching. Tower run. All of it: they were on my wrist. 

But today, today I, with a whole lot of fear, fearless-ly took them off for the final time. 

My heart finds it hard to let go, but all their physicality - the real change that came at the time I was given them, was in the very depths of me. 

I was changed - never to be the same again. 

Oh I have changed since, I have grown, I have struggled, I have become. 

But this was a pivotal moment. 

This will never leave me. 

Forever I shall remember. 

But now I move into new courts. 

I step forth, releasing myself. 

The fear is great, but my God is greater. 

On my wrist now sits a bronze band. 8 letters hammered in: fearless. 

This year is going to be mighty.