Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The dangerously crazy.

Today I learnt that life isn't a game. 

I learnt that people are people and they're living out their lives. 

But in the corner of this coffee shop two wonderful women came together and let the world not be so big. 

God has got this. God moves mountains of oppression and destruction. He really REALLY does. And I know we say it, we flip it off like ah yeah God does that - but more often than not we don't actually recognise it as a reality in our every day lives. 

Maybe - yes I dare to whisper this one loud - maybe it's not because God isn't doing it, but actually because we've positioned ourselves so that we can't actually see it. 

If we aren't in the middle of oppression, we aren't really going to see a release from it. If we aren't living in the centre of destruction and pain and danger then how are we going to see God moving that mountain?

It seems dangerously crazy, and completely nuts to say it - but maybe it's what we're not doing rather than what God's not doing. 

I spent hours, days even weeks researching human trafficking - I don't know it all by any stretch of the imagination, but I am never so shocked by new statistics. I am coming to an understanding of the extent of the situation. But do I see it? No. No I don't. I hear about it all the time - I have people around me who talk about what's going on, every day I get an email from a different charity/organisation with details of what they're seeing. I know it's happening but I don't see it. 

When your eyes are opened to the horror, it's nasty. It's hard. And oh how angry did I get with God. 

But when I actually looked. When I thought of the eucharisteo and the one thousand gifts I began to widen my view. Or perhaps narrow it - I sought for the glimpse of God rather than noticing what I thought was Him ignoring. 

God is treading a path through this; towards the end of this; it is time we followed in those footsteps. Placing our misshaped, tiny-little, made-by-God feet onto His track. Because He steps in and fills the rest. Our inadequacy becomes total abundance when it is Him we hand it to. 

God has got this. He really has... You just have to take a glimpse of Jacob and suddenly breathing becomes a little easier because: God really has got this.