Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oh the likes of Downton, the Paradise and all manner of such things.

It's all like one big micky take really - we sit around on our Sunday evenings watching dramas of what we picture times gone by to have been like. 

It's rather strange - I can't quite imagine someone dramatising what it was like to live in this age - and yet, if they are anything like us, they will. 

There's something that really strikes me about it all though - I have sat here this evening and watched two hours of period dramas - and, as a woman, it is the way in which the women are treated that really gets me. 

And you know, I think we get quite pompous about it, saying 'oh it was awful how women used to be treated, I'm so glad it's not like that anymore' and do you know the more days I spend living on this planet - in this very society the more I see something oh so very different. 

It's all one big drama - oh yes it is. 

There's that film isn't there, what's it called? Something to do with Truman? The guy lives in this world that is actually one big stage and he is constantly being filmed - and then one day he realises he is living out of reality in a place that is all set up - it's this idea of puppet masters running the world. It is clearly  something we are scared of - we write books and make films about it all the time. 

But I want to put it out there - I want to say it out loud: we are being played around. We are being fed stuff: every. single. day. 

This whole women equality thing - pfft - what a load of rubbish: we don't live in equality. No. Way. It is engrained into people's mindset - you think of a prostitute and immediately you start condemning them - who gives a thought to the man who buys and demands a woman to give him what she can't get back?

None of us are any better than the next. We've all got this all wrong. 

But in this period drama - atleast the women seem to be aware -atleast society seems to be aware. Because here is the prediciment I believe we find ourselves in: we have this false, plastic smile plastered to our faces. We go around saying 'all's well' and yet this is not the case at all. Women are downtrodden across the globe. People think less of me simply because of my gender - and perhaps you will deny this - perhaps I have conjured this from my own imaginings. But it is the truth. And it is a truth that I have grown up within and the truth that I have to face the world knowing. 

I don't take it all lightly - clearly. 

I can't even manage to compile a sensible tumbling of thoughts. I know I am not explaining this simply because my brain still feels completely confused. 

But I know there is a danger:

To live with something and to think it is right when it is in fact wrong. Is not great. 

But to live with something, to know it is wrong, to pretend it isn't happen and to let it continue. This is a complete disaster. 

I seek to find solace in my God. And yet even there I find it hard - the world, the society in which I live have tainted God - many have complained that even He jinks less of me simply because He created me a woman. Oh the healing that He has to do. The times He has to reassure me over and over and over. You are my precious child - and I love you unconditionally not 'despite the fact you are a girl' but 'because you are a woman I hold you up'. 

Oh I know He holds men up too. But you have to understand. He never degrades. Not ever.