Sunday, 1 September 2013

How rom-coms {nearly} always change my life...

I don't know if you saw on my twitter or Facebook but recently it was my birthday. Being a rather unusual teenage girl-turning-woman I probably didn't ask for the usual things someone my age would...

In fact a great deal of my list was dedicated to cheesey romcoms that probably should never be advertised to anyone, but my wonderful Mamaa knows me too well and she bought me a couple {as well as a beautiful picnic basket and packets of party rings}...

Being as I was home for just under 24 hours I decided I could fit in a film viewing, so I watched The Back Up Plan... Which has a good mix of funny and love, a beautiful selection of actors and actresses and a plot that isn't too obvious.

...perhaps "change my life" is a little bit of an exaggeration, but honestly.

SPOILERS... but it is a romcom, so you wouldn't find it overly hard to work out for yourself...

So this woman at the start of the film has decided she is going to have to use IVF to have the baby she has always dreamed of, because no relationship is working out for her.... but as she walks out of the hospital she bumps into this guy. They fall in love, but it turns out she's pregnant. So this guy who really hasn't known her that long makes the big decision to stick by her, and raise the baby as his own.

It's a brilliant film. Very funny, and nicely made.

But you know what got me...

I relate to that woman. I feel like I'm pregnant... I am growing these dreams, these desires, and these plans. How could I ever put that on someone else? How could I ever ask a guy to give up all he wants to pursue what I want?

Yes, I know God does have a say in all this, but it just really got me.

God is going to have to pull something EPIC out of the bag with this one... because I feel confused.

No I don't, I feel like its an open-shut case. I do not see a way I can fit a man into my story, no matter how much I totally yearn for one.

I know I haven't made this sound particularly pretty or fun. And really I haven't explained very well.

But I promise you, romcoms get me for so many other reasons other than the ones they're meant to. 

God IS in the usual. the everyday. the mundane.

You just gotta open your eyes.