Saturday, 17 August 2013

Who is this girl?

Who is this girl that says...

"I don't know, I think I'm sinking right now, to be honest I let myself start thinking for five minutes and I just really start struggling. The easy answer is I'm great thanks, but I'm finding life hard. I keep keeping myself busy so I forget about it all, but the truth is I find it hard to hold myself together!"

and then...

"CELEBRATING #onewordcheckin God is seriously good!! So eternally faithful & seriously honours those who step out for Him. WOW!! Big smiles!!"

and then...

"This one has genuinely scared me. Perhaps it is time to let God really hit home how much I need to learn to stop now, whilst I have the time and space to learn. Oh wow. If the past year has been about daring to live - stepping out of every comfort zone I have known to me - this next year might just be about daring to rest.
Daring to embrace the introvert I have worked hard to bury for so long. I don't want it to come out, I never liked myself when I let that part of me, have space to live, but perhaps it is there that I will find my energy and power and input.

But then it comes back to my name. It always comes back to Grace. That's how I started, perhaps that's how I should live. Giving myself the grace to not do my long checklist to reach where I need to be. It is time to step out of that and into grace.

Into resting, finding the power to say no."

...all in one week?

Life truly is a rollercoaster, and I'm worried this one is on a collision course at one hundred miles an hour...

I have a lot to learn in this coming year.

Will you join me for the ride?

Will you be by my side holding my arms up?

Will you let me be accountable to you?

Thanking God for those who don't freak when I say 'I'm crying right now' as I tap away messaging them.