Monday, 22 July 2013

You can't rest until you live.

I was thinking about this just now in the shower. I do a lot of my thinking in the shower.

God told us to take a Sabbath day, right? To take a day out to rest and find new strength, and to devote to Him.

But, what I am wondering is, are we missing the point?

Are we so focused on the fact that he is commanding us to take a day of rest that we miss what that actually means?

Because, when you turn a day of rest and look at it from the other angle, it means that you must have to be doing something to take a rest from.

Are we actually just creating this happy little bubble where we spend 6 in 7 days doing whatever we like, and then telling ourselves that we really should be resting on the remaining day?

If we are not living out God's command to love, if we are not living out God's call on us, if we are not being Kingdom-builders, then why do we need to rest?

I am sure, that until I am spending six sevenths of my time building God's Kingdom, then I cannot take a rest.

How can I?

How can I rest when there is work to be done?

Don't get me wrong. I have gotten to a point of complete exhaustion where it takes nothing but sleep to pick yourself up again. I know that we need to rest. I know that we need to take time out.

God told us to rest. It is of the upmost importance.

But for us to rest we need to have been doing something to take a rest from.

Our resting must be a reflection of God's Kingdom coming.

And the only way our resting can be that, is surely if our working is that.


We can't.

But if we believe what we preach, if we believe that the God who loves us, died for us, and gives us all we need is in us.

Then He can, IN us.

We need to live like that.

We need to live open to God doing what He wants, through us.

We need to live open to God giving us the strength to build His Kingdom each and every day.

To the point that at the end of the week we can look back as we rest, on what we have created and say 'boy is that good'.

Then then we will have learnt what resting is.

This isn't taking time off this, is living and living and giving our all.

This is serving as Jesus did.

This is going round to the house of the hated and loving on them, and speaking truth over them, and being Jesus to them.

This is getting on our hands and knees and scrubbing the dry skin, the dust and all the things weighing our friends' feet down, off.

This is loving until it hurts.

I mean it.

Like really really hurts.

Like dying to yourself hurts.

Like saying I would rather die so you may live, than see you live away from life in all its fullness.



We can look back on a week gone by and breathe deep, inhale slow, as we rest.