Sunday, 21 July 2013

It is time to sing a song again...

I have taken a few days out. I have sat in the quiet and I have heard my thoughts. I have let my body be.

I have not had appointment after appointment, I have not had to be anywhere or do anything for anyone.

And FINALLY, I feel like life is something that needs living.

I have taken the time to inhale big and slow....

...and now it is time, to live with fire in my belly, and drive and a spring in my step.

I have things to do, people to meet, places to go, relationships to say good bye to and some to build, I have a life that needs living, and it is time I took that step right into the midst of it all.

It is time that I understood who I am.

I cannot tell every Joe, Bob, and Harry that I am an introvert hiding in an extrovert's skin, and yet not let myself be just that.

My head might know who I am, but it sure doesn't live like it.

It is time I took the time off to find my energy in my own company.

Planning a journey isn't easy so I am glad to leave that in God's hands.

I whisper to you now... at the top of this very page I have about 12 tabs opened. The majority of which are  entitled 'YWAM'. Who knows where my calling lies, who knows what doors will be opened. Only God.



So only He can I trust.

Many say I will fail, but there are those who can see further.

There are those who see my horizon forming better than I do.

And it is they who I can entrust the holding of my arms to.

It is they who I can trust will lead me faithfully back to my knees before my very Saviour.

It is time to profess my love for Him who made my very being.

It is time that I find value in nothing else.

I will fail.

I will fall.

But here lies an ebenezer stone.

Grace shall find rest in God.