Sunday, 16 June 2013

What is justice exactly?

I'm not going to give you a dictionary definition or define what I think God sees it to be...

...I have heard a couple of comments said recently about my "passion for justice".

It got me thinking... what do I really think that justice is?

I am one hundred percent convinced it has nothing to do with punishment or revenge or compensation or creating this equal human playing field where we pay back what we've done with something of ourselves.

I don't think that's justice. I don't think it is fairness either, or why would there be two different words?

My teeth go on edge when I hear this "social justice" what does that mean really? To me it feels like a comment thrown around all too easily.

The truth is, I am really not sure what I believe justice to be.

I think that leaves me with two choices...fret about it....or lay it at God's feet.

I do know that I believe there is only one place that true justice is found, and that is in God. So His feet are the right place to lay this one.

What do I really have a passion for?

Oh no, not justice, yes it is a part of it, but actually my passion, the thing that gives me fire not just in my belly but in my soul and every. single. part. of. me. is God's kingdom come.

It is what my heart burns for.

There is many shapes and sizes and forms that that is seen in.

Right now the bit of that most people can see is me is rolling the stone back and calling the 27 million people out of the tomb of slavery.

But just the other day I was rolling the stone back and calling the 3 million children a year out of the tomb of death by starvation.

And then just this week I was rolling back the stone and calling the story out of the tomb of my friend's past.

And these things that just skim the surface of what really makes my heart ache, and roll and turn violently, they all play a part in seeing God's kingdom come.

I don't know all that God's kingdom looks like, it is His kingdom after all.  But I know His throne's foundations are justice and righteousness.

So if it is where He calls me, I will be rolling back the stones and calling out His people from the tombs of injustice, every day of my life.

I yearn to be known as a rebuilder and a restorer of not just justice but of God's kingdom.

That is exciting really. 

I want to be a Kingdom-Builder.