Saturday, 18 May 2013

The woman who laughs, with the laugh of God!

There's this woman I once met.

And there's not hundreds of people like this....but there are some people you meet and as they hear the laugh of God.

And that is this woman.

Her laugh is like an echo of the laugh of God.

She weaves patterns of Beauty, and restoration, and hope in her wake.  She treads the Holy walk.

I'm beginning to make her sound like the picture of perfection... but she's the first to admit that that's not true. We all make mistakes.  But with her, it is so beautifully okay.

She always, alwaysalways, has her arms wide open, ready to snuggle you up.  Which is a hard thing to do...from the other side of the world, but still, she seems to manage.

Would you be ready for anything? Where would you draw the line? When would you turn back and just say 'No'? Because I haven't seen her do that.  Not ever.  When the clock is ticking, when the buzzers buzzing, and it all boils down to it...she is ready to do it.  Whatever.  Injections.  Governments.  Speaking.  Look, it's hard to put into words everything she does.  Deadly centipedes {okay she had some help from a trainer and another guy...but I didn't hear her screaming}.  When life gets tough, and everything seems to be dumped in her lap, she never mopes for long! She picks herself right back up again, and keeps going with the immovable strength of the God who loves her right inside.

THIS is the person who told me to "Dare to live {safely}" and then led the way in doing so!

I have been quoted to say that "she is my hero" ...there's not many people I'd rather be than me, but if I could spend the day as anyone on this earth it would be her.

She doesn't just talk about God {but oh how she does!} she lives God, she breathes God.  She so clearly has the the Spirit on her... being with her has this whole infectious feeling.

Sometimes God gives us role models, and she is so very much one of mine!

I love her readiness to approach life.

I love her spontaneity.

I love her openness to welcome you in, like you've come home.

But most of all, I love how she spends every moment pointing up at God and saying "Just look...just LOOK at how great He is! Don't you just love Him too!"

And you can't help but want to join in her party, especially in the knowledge that when it is time to get serious, she won't hesitate to do so, but with a whole lot of laughs along the way!

"Soy una vaca!"