Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shopping list:

Number one, a job 9 til 5, in a nice office, with some pretty hunky men about.  One of whom could be a nice Christian guy looking for a wife.

2) A car, not anything too posh, I don't want to look like a show-off, or anything, but I would like a car that never stops working, beeps when you're reversing, and does all the SATNAV bit for me, so that I can pretend I don't know how to work it, and still get to where I want to go.

Thirdly, a house, well maybe a flat to start off with I guess, I don't want to go too lavish, but some nice gadgets would be good.  Maybe an iPad, and some twinkly lights in the kitchen.  I could do with a dishwasher, a washing machine and a dryer too.  Do NOT forget the TV, I mean, I never watch it, except when I'm eating pizza with my feet up once in a while, but it's a good centre piece, a nice focal point to the space.

Don't forget number four! You remember that guy I talked about earlier?  He's going to ask me to marry him, probably just before our two year anniversary. Did you hear that?  {As you might not have assumed all this thought I'd note it down: he's got to be taller than me, and stronger than me, and braver than me, and he's got to be about two years older than me, he must totally adore me, and he's got to be that guy at Church, the one everyone looks to and respects, and he's still got to totally adore me.}

5.  The wedding.... where do I even start? It's got to be BIG, and fancy, and with a very nice vicar, and with lots of pretty dresses, and I don't think I have time to even begin to explain my dress, but it's there in my head.  Do you see?

Sixth on the list: kids.  Look, I know its going to be a while, maybe once I'm 32, pushing 35 even, but they're important, I need two.  And they mustn't scream.  Ever. Or puke.  Or need anything, except hugs every now and again.

7) I need friends, friends of every kind.  One to do my nails. Discounted.  One to do my hair.  Discounted.  One to fix the car (guess that could be my guy's friend if needs must).  Discounted.  One to fix the computer. Discounted (free?). One to get me tickets {to everything you could possibly imagine}.  Discounted.  And one who looks after the kids.  (well, when it comes to it) Free.

Number eight: I want university to be a breeze.  I want to be one of those people that you would be shocked if they came out of it with their hair slightly out of place.  I want to get high marks, but not THE highest, let's not over do it.

9.  This space is reserved for anything extra I might remember that I want.  And to place emphasis on ALL of the above.

In case you don't have all that clear, I will leave my phone number over there... oh yeah I'm having some problems with my iPhone, it seems to keep crashing with all my messages.  Ha. Ha.  So, yeah, if I don't get back to you maybe... tweet me? If you miss something, don't worry, as long as you pay me compensation. *false cheesy smile right about here*.

I don't know.  I felt like a rant, I felt like laying out the thoughts that niggle at me, the thoughts that tempt me into a way of living that everyone else seems to push towards.  I felt like seeing what it is to join the "I want" culture that I find myself living in.  It's hard to swim in the other direction.  Really hard, but my friends have got my back, they've got me covered. I am never. Going. To. Stop. Swimming. The. Other. Direction.

If you feel challenged by my words, pray about it.  Don't change out of guilt, don't swim the other way out of your own strength, but listen.  And if His voice is calling from behind, then it will be worth the struggle in stopping going with the flow, turning around, and swimming with all His might.

"Life WOULD be easier if we all swam in the same direction but, until we ALL turn around and swim the other way, it will never be worth it."