Thursday, 2 May 2013

Onto crashing waves...and floating!

This week has been AMAZING.

I spoke.  I preached.  You know, I did that thing that I always have wanted to, but have always thought would never happen.  I did it.

Well... I say 'I' but the truth is, it really can't have been me.  God had me right in the centre of His hand, and now the smile that is here, has been sitting right there all week.

I can't quite explain the encouragement; how blessed and loved I feel, God has so many people holding my arms up, I feel like I'm floating!

I thought I'd be feeling a bit empty this week, after spending so much time preparing for the last couple of weeks, but actually I feel fuller than I have in a rather long time!

The Spirit is certainly making His presence known, and I am being grounded in who I am and where I want to go, and I am beginning to understand where God is calling me to.

But most of all I'm unpacking the meaning of "wait with patience and perseverance".  I'm just on such an amazingly crazy roller coaster  from one week to the next something amazing has happened!  I just want to cling on to God.

So blessed to have a new pillow, hoping for some better sleep tonight.  I crashed at the end of last week.  I had been pushing too much, its amazing I was well enough to stand to talk on Sunday really.

I am on this journey of discovery and wonder and learning and so much more...but the discovering my gifts 'thing' is really exciting me right now, its simply marvellous to unwrap these things God has placed inside of me.  To realise why a part of me was different all this time.

I want to be like Moses in that desert place, I don't want to have my eye on the ground but, like him I want to see the burning bush and be drawn towards it.

I want to wrestle with God like Jacob.

I want to serve like Moses.

I want to step on the Holy Ground.

I want to throw my all in.

I am excited for all this is, and buzzing completely, and "floating"....loving the "floating"! Trying to keep on dreaming bigger... though even that I don't understand completely!