Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Let us not stop at children...

Let us start with children.
We all have a song to sing.  We all have a song completely different to the next person, but equally important.  We all are unique.  We all have a different path to follow.  We all have a song to sing.
It is important that we find our songs, that we look deep into the cores of who we are, that we go beneath the layers, and find what lies below.  It is important that we learn our song, and that it plays its melody over every day of our lives.
 And then we really must start with the children. With our children.  With the children that we are Mamas and Papas to. We must start seeking out, discerning, the songs that are inside of them.  We must learn where we found our song, so that we can see the songs in our children.  We must sing their song over their lives, we must teach them their song, and show them how to discover it within themselves, for themselves.
Let us start with the children.
But, let us not stop at the children...

The children are the next to be rising up.  But what about those who have the potential to rise up now. 

What about those who are surrounding us now, let us not be so busy looking downwards to our children, that we forget to look around us to our brothers, our sisters, our standing-by friends. 

There are people around us, who need us to sing their songs out over them.  There  are people around us whose voices have gone hoarse.  There are people around us who have forgotten how to sing.  There are people around us whose arms are falling down.

Therefore, let us start with the children...
...but, let us not stop with the children.

Let us seek out each other's songs.  Let us join in with each other's songs.  Let's learn to sing out our songs together in harmony.  Let us be people who sing out, and sing out, and sing out.  And even when our voice is no more, we can learn to hear the reflection of our song, in our neighbour's song.

Let us sing together.  Can I sing over you? Can I seek out your song? Can you teach me your song? Can I sing with you?  Will you learn my song? Will you learn to sing my song so even when I'm finding it scary, my song keeps playing?  Will you sing with me?

Can we hold each other's arms up, and sing, and sing, and sing?

I read this post over at SheLoves today, and it got me jiggling, it got me yearning, it got me wanting to sing. Kelley Nikondeha writes this beautifully, I just tried to join in the song of her heart with this, today, right here.  Thanks for being on the journey with me. I'd love to hear your voice.