Thursday, 16 May 2013

"If God has called you to it, He will equip you for it."

- that was Christine Caine, just now, on Facebook.

I am not having fun over here, when I try to strain to see the distance, when I put my all into understanding what is to come and where I am going to go to, it really isn't fun.

But when I look at Now, I have a right blast. No, it really isn't easy.  I struggle to live in the Now, but it is a ton of fun! Really, it is.

Especially when I focus on that which is so clearly from God.  I's all from God.  But sometimes {I reckon} He sends gifts with an extra special ribbon wrapped around; He wants to bless us, He wants to pour out His love, and goodness, and grace.

And if this is Him equipping me {which He said it was} then boy! I should most definitely be a whole lot more excited about what is to come!

You know amongst all the fears, the worries {the wetting myself with wanting to run swallowed by a big fish even} this is exciting.  I have amazing opportunities now, it is hard to even begin to dream of what may come.

But that is something I'm going to do.

I'm going to recognise the fact that I am in the palm of His hand, I am going to embrace that, let it breathe over me, and then step into dreaming bigger.  Dreaming wildly.

God is calling me in amazing ways.  And as I begin to write down His callings over me, I collapse under the sheer Beauty, wonder and {whole lot of} grace in it all.

The equipping is hard.  And it is taking a lot of focus.  And it is taking a lot of striving, and determination, and patience.

And I fail. I fall short. Every. Single. Day.

But He keeps picking me up and setting me right.

And as I open my mind to I let myself wander.  I want to be equipped(!) that I can step out of this little-me into the me I am created to be.  Solo a Dios sea la gloria....Only to God be the glory.

Therefore let it be so, that as I learn to live Now by thanking, I also learn to live dreaming.  I am not going to live in the dreams, but I am going to differentiate between the equipping {Now} and what is to dreaming.

By letting there be no limitations, because I have a great big God, whom no box can hold.  How can I begin to imagine what He has for me? I can't.  But dreaming is good, stretching myself, not stopping now.  Moving towards the NEW THING. That is very exciting!