Sunday, 21 April 2013

When God starts moving its time to get on the train...

The start of a post...

You know, I was going along quite nicely, yes I was struggling, but I would have probably gotten through okay. I was finding it hard to understand where abouts God fitted into it all, but I was okay. My youth group and I had it on our hearts to do something about human trafficking, but we weren’t really sure where to even begin.
Then God started closing some doors in my life, it is really scary when He does that. I was left feeling a little lost, happier, and free-er, but lost all the same. I shouldn’t have felt lost, but the human-ness in me kept me feeling that way.
God was preparing some space, before He started opening doors. Next thing I knew there were doors flying open everywhere, God was moving and He was showing the way. The thought of it all blows me away daily.
His timing is impeccable.
Just when I needed something to focus on, God rekindled a burning in my heart for human trafficking. Now here I am looking around wondering how in just 4 months I managed to get myself into the middle of an anti-human trafficking campaign, about to do a vertical dash up a 21-floor, skyscraper to raise awareness and funds.
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