Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring Harvest...{Be and Say and Do}

It's kind of a bit a strange really, here I am at Spring Harvest, I have no clue as to the day and when my friend tells me he had a good time at Church today I remember what I have missed, and though I'm here in talks, seminars, and singing {my little heart out} I still want to be right back at home.

Yeah I'm here with people I know but there's something so very special about being with my Church family, the smiles, the little children, the Mama's and Dad's who look out for me!

However, it is amazing to be able to just sit out from life and focus on what it's all about: the bigger picture.  Even just for a little while, give my heart some time to get back into the right place.

Be, Say, Do.

That's what we're looking at, I'm feeling ever so scared and daunted, but also excited and empowered.

I'm remembering the callings on my life, and finding who I am again, I'm letting words of truth be breathed over me, and letting the HOPE of God feel every bone of my body once more.

And its that AMAZING feeling of just singing a Christian song out aloud as you walk along and it is okay.  Sitting in Burger King and WOW when someone joins in with 'Who's the King of the jungle?'  Maybe we really are connected by this underlying faith in God: He who reigns.

No I'm not alone, and you know it is amazing to know that God is with me, and really I should be able to have Him alone, but having people too, having people willing to stand by me, sing with me, dance with me, go wild with me... THAT is what makes me feel really alive.

I had this realisation, and maybe it is really stupid and really obvious, but though I knew it before I hadn't got it into my heart, into my innermost being: if God is IN me that means He really is right INside of me, I can stop looking for Him by my side, because He is right INside, and I can stop straining to try and hear His voice, because here He is, right in the middle of my heart, and He is desperate to bust Himself right out of there, its me that is holding Him in, so when am I really going to let go and just BE?

I am tired and weary, but resting in God, will physically rest after it all, enjoying LIVING FULLY right NOW, because Now is what I am living for, and though I don't like it I am getting a greater understanding of what Now really is.

Keep dreaming bigger...