Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Plodding on.

I did it, I lived that week.

Well, I say lived, but it was more of a pulling myself through kicking and screaming, now I am ready for bed, and looking forward to returning to Spring Harvest for another year this week!

Walking 50km was never going to be fun, and that was without knowing of incidents involving me digging a shoe out of the ground with my bare hand, sheep trying to get in the tent with us, and the insistent cold weather...but the starry nights were INCREDIBLE.

This week also saw the end of Only Water for 40 days, can you believe it? I actually did it, apart from taking communion 4 times I did not drink anything other than water for 40 days {though in reality it was just under 50 days} and wow it was so very difficult.

I struggled in so many ways, my energy levels plummeted, and another thing got added to my annoyances, and the poor people who kept offering me drinks...I'm afraid I wasn't always particularly gracious towards them.

But what I did learn was the truth in Jesus' words when He said that when we drink earthly water we will always thirst again.

I drank, and I drank, and I drank, but water did not fill that space, there was a space that flt empty and dry, and I really did think about what it all means.

And no I still don't think Lent is some sort of sacrifice, o some sort of "Oh lets give up chocolate"...but it certainly drew me back in, kept ensuring my focus was in the right place, and kept me yearning for more.

What do the weeks ahead hold?  Where is all this going? 2 weeks time... this is getting quite scary.

Time to rest, and not just physically.