Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Only Water for 40 days.

When I made that rushed, on the spot decision, I really had no idea how hard I would find it.

Drinking nothing other than water for 40 days, how hard can it be?

I've never done Lent before, ever.

At an early age I decided it was a waste of time and pointless {probably slightly a cop out to be honest} and as no one really encouraged me to do it, I didn't bother.

Then I started reading some blogposts, and seeing some of my favourite bloggers preparing to partake in Lent I felt like this was something I was to be doing.

I'd never heard of this thought before...only drinking was a new one to me, and something about it appealed.

Something about the renewing, refreshing, and cleaning thoughts behind it all stirred me, and the decision was made.

It was hard.

I thought it would be easy, I thought I mostly only drank water anyway, but after sitting in Starbucks watching my friends drink hot chocolate I began to realise how much of a struggle this was going to be.

Temptation after temptation was laid before me, and there were times where I almost through in the towel.

There were times when the holy ground feeling in it all sort of got demolished as I threw a strop, stomped up and down and battled with myself to find a reason to be able to drink something else.

It seems a little ridiculous, but I found it hard.

I felt lacking in energy.  There were days when I was just so tired, and I just needed that boost...

But at the end of it the end of the day, this wasn't for me, this was for God.

And if it taught me anything it taught me this...

Water will never quench my I drank a glass, I would drink another because there was a hole and it wasn't getting filled...

I thirst for more, and this is something I would like to see reflected in my relationship with God.

I want to always thirst for more.  More of Him.  More of His Word {WOWeee I have been reading more as I've thirsted more, and each and every page blows my head of, this book that I've been reading since the day I was born is so very incredible, isn't  it?!!}.  More of His breath.  More of His life.  More.

The difference? God can, and will, and does fill the hole.

He completes what is broken.

I am not some ultra-holy human being, I have not been changed in incredible ways, but I have understood more, thirsted more, and wondered more.

It is good to thirst for more of Him, to seek more, to yearn for more, to long for more, to dream of more.

Dreaming bigger as we head for His beautiful somewhere...