Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Let's have a little grace.

I guess my blog has been taking a back seat really, its not that I don't love it, I've just had so much on, and God has been blessing me with collaborations in writing, which has been really exciting recently!

Right now I am really wondering whether all too many of us are getting caught up in our differences and forgetting our similarities.

At Spring Harvest, Gerard Kelly was saying about how so many Christians literally just put each other down online, there is a difference between disagreeing with someone and picking their opinion apart.  If this is the way we treat our own brothers and sisters, how will we treat those who aren't like us?

It's something I have been struggling with a lot recently, I follow many bloggers who call themselves feminists, and I watch as someone posts something slightly controversial and the explosions happen before my very eyes.

I get it, we are all passionate, and I, quite literally, erupt when someone tries to write human trafficking off as a non-issue, but perhaps we need to have a little grace.  Perhaps we need to be a bit more open to the fact that God has a different, but just as important, plan for each of us, and that can mean He puts something else on people's hearts, it is okay for them not to agree with you and for them to still love God as you do.

God is bigger than our opinions.

Right now I have such a focus on prayer, and what that looks like in my life.

I shared with you before how very scared I am, but maybe, just maybe, God is moving and opening doors, pushing - yearning - to keep the heart and mind and eyes open to what is coming my way.