Sunday, 21 April 2013

Did you see that blue sky?

Yesterday it was exactly one year since I started this blog, and what a year it has been!  So excited to see what God  has in store for the year  to come!

As it turns out organising a big event did scare me a lot, and on Friday night I did not sleep at all!

I had every single worry I could possibly have had whirring around and around my head! And in the morning I was more stressed than I've ever been to be honest.

I didn't think I was giving it away, but people kept coming up to me saying, "keep calm".  I'm sorry, but that was never going to make any difference.  But the thing that matters is that even though I was unbelievably stressed, it all came together! In an incredible, and very exciting way.

I forgot how to dare to live {safely in His arms}.  I forgot to remember that life goes on.  I forgot such a lot, and perhaps I needed the shake up to bring me back to here, but it's hard, I think I'd been pushing memories of the Dominican Republic away a bit, but they've all come flooding back, and I remember how I am broken.

Not sleeping Friday night, meant I had no energy, on a day when I would have normally stayed in bed until 3pm, I was up at 7am, after being awake all night, and I didn't stop to sit down until 6.  And that was hard, and the adrenaline had to kick in, as well as every chocolate bar I could lay my hands on.  But most of all I prayed over and over 'Lord, sustain me.'  He did, I kept on walking through, I even ran up 21 flights of stairs in 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

I forgot to dare to live but He brought me through.

That's the point really isn't it, we are still in His arms, even when we forget it is so.

And He gives me a chance.

And I am well and truly inn His freedom, and I am expectant of what is next, but so very scared of everything.

And the prayers covered all, and God was good.

Do you see that blue sky? That was God.

God was in this and for this and over this and through this.  And I am so blessed, and feel so privileged to have leaders who enable and push me on further, and to have been a part of all this... let's look to the next step with expectant hope and know that we are in freedom.