Saturday, 2 March 2013


I feel like I am failing at living Now.

But actually, at the moment, what is concerning me is the fact that I look into my friend's eyes and I see emptiness, she has lost so much life, if anyone was simply existing rather than fully living, it is her, right now.  And what is it I can do, but try and try to just keep on loving?

It hurts to see someone who was so bubbly, so full of life, someone who radiated fun, just fall apart before your eyes.

And it seems to come back to perseverance as always.

I was listening to Hillsong's Sisterhood Sydney podcasts, I started from the beginning and I just cannot get enough; the life that they are breathing into these dry bones: I listen to them over and over, and it takes my breath away.  Some are almost 2 years old and still there is power in those words, because they have been given to me, right now, and God is moving in them..

And I've discovered the world of sermons on YouTube  MAN they are incredible! Get your nose, and ears, and eyes and heart in there and start feeding your soul daily! Be blessed!

Perseverance came up.

And do you know what, I did foolishly think that I was the only one to think that perseverance is important, but do you know what God has gone, 'Yes Grace it IS important, SO important that I am shouting about this to all the nations, this needs to be shared.'

A mentality of never giving up, love that continues no matter what, through every single circumstance and situation of life.  Love that never, ever quits, even when great crimes against humanity are committed: love that never quits.

God is love, and maybe love IS even God, and love perseveres, atleast the sort of love God is perseveres, real love, TRUE love.  Perseverance is key.

And it's key in so many senses of the word...because actually I believe it unlocks doors.

No it doesn't unlock doors in an immediate, look you persevered and suddenly all these doors opened kind of way, but an opening doors in the long haul kind of way.

Because, surely, that is what perseverance is about really: the long haul.

The loving "for better, for worse".

And maybe even when death does do us part.

Love is all-conquering.

And love that perseveres brings us to doors of hope, in the end.  Whether the end is now, in 6 months time or in 50 years time, in the end doors of hope are opened.

So let us always persevere in love, to see situations changed by the grace of God,  so hope can be lavished.

Hope in God, by His grace, for His glory.

In the mighty name of Jesus (for He IS might to save) let us bend low and persevere through it all.

Love for the long haul...even when simple existence seems to be taking over full living.