Thursday, 7 March 2013

I'm Celebrating the Women in my life...they are so very awesome!

It’s not that my Mama is bad, my Mum she is truly incredible, shepherding us all through such a lot of complete rubbish, yearning the best for us all, and forgiving us over and over and over again.

But you know what God hasn’t stopped there, He’s blessed me with woman after woman after woman. 

These people are women of God, warriors for His word and His will and His glory, and they push me on, encouraging me to step out and up and into what He has for me.  And they share their experience and wisdom with me, and they welcome me out of childhood into womanhood, and they lift my name up to God.

And they’ve helped me through, held my heart when it got heavy and collected my tears together.

They are true arm-pit faith people, they see my arm falling down and they run right under and lift it up again, they see where I’m falling down and help me up again.

They look at me in all my mess, they see me when I’m going crazy, they look at my extreme emotion swings and they listen as I go on and on and on and on about ME!

They just don’t stop loving.

They know things about me that should make them run the other way, but they stand by me anyway.

They let me be me, even when they don’t understand.

They see what is going on for me, what is making my insides itch and turn, they look at what is getting me pumped up and passionate, and they call it out of me, they let me run with it, and they throw all they can into helping me do what is inside of me.

They just don’t ever give up.

Even though I let them down.

They don’t ever give up.

My Mama she is amazing, and she has done all this weaving together and beautiful building and here I am now, and honestly {with (hopefully) no bolshiness or big-head-ness or anything like that), I do love me, I can NOT wait to see where I am going, but I am excited at where I am, and my Mama she’s got me here.  But there’s all those others that need such a huge amount of recognition too.

Because they do stand in the shadows, but when I stand at the gates of heaven and I give my spiel (you know the speech like they do at the Oscars, ‘I want to thank my mum, and my producer, and…’ yeah, you know) when I stand there and I thank God for saving me from the mess, He and I will both know all too well, and we will be proclaiming it, I would not be who I am without any one of these women around me.

When I start growing grey and the wrinkles are appearing aplenty, if I am even half like them, I will be so very blessed.

They are such a blessing.

And I’ve been all too gushy and they need so much more, but this is my offering.

God, YOU have seen all that these wonderful women of God do in my life, You have seen when they’ve taken me out of the dark corners and into the light.  You have seen my Mama growing me up strong, and You have brought all these beautiful, amazing people into my life.  Thank You for blessing me so abundantly, thank You for not leaving me without someone to turn to.  Thank You for bringing me through every step of the way to me now, and thank You that You don’t stop blessing, and every given is a gift and ALL IS GRACE and Your dreams are bigger, and I can proclaim the truths of You in You and this is so much further and bigger and more than I can begin to think.

And God, thank You for being a God who enables, who can see a need before it is even thought of by us, and You plant the seeds before the beginning of time, and everything is made possible in You.

Thank You awesome God!

Join with me! Hang up the balloons, let's throw a party!

Let's shout out loud and join in heaven's song!

God does empower and enable men and women alike.

And as women mother women and watch a girl-turning-woman grow, thank You that they are on their knees in prayer, covering every single moment in the presence of God.

Can I just say it once more?