Sunday, 3 March 2013

As a {young} person how is it possible to put God first?

Everyone is forever telling you to work hard, to try your best to put all your efforts into school, the government divides your time up for you.  At the end of the day as a young person in the UK, and many other privileged countries across the globe, you are not really given free reign over what you can do.

I get it, its important, I have seen what happens without even a basic education, and I know that I am blessed to have been handed it all on a plate.

But there's something that does not seem to get the consideration it needs, where does God go in all this?

How can you live your life according to God's will when it feels like you have no control over what happens in your life?

30 hours a week at school compared to the 2 maybe 3 hours you spend at what you think of as Church...and it gets so confusing! How is God top of your life when you have homework, sports, music, and many other demands to attend to, what do you choose first?

{This does link onto the issue of hierarchy.  I personally think that there is no hierarchy, because in relationship no one person is more important.  But then when we love God surely we want to put Him above all else? So...}

The thing is, what it really comes down to is each individual.  Each of us has to make decisions on how to divide up our time, even as adults there are demands, perhaps even more so.

And perhaps putting God first would take too much time, how are we going to fit Him in around all these other things I must do?

I think, for me at least, the choice is to choose to refuse the choice.

I have been given a choice to put God first, so maybe that means I can say no? Actually, I believe I need to say well I don't think there is a choice in that, and God isn't another thing to be 'fitted in', He is God to be IN it ALL.  Every act, every breath, every word, every step, it is all in Him and for Him, and to put Him first.

So, for me, there is no choice in it, because I want everything I do, to be for His glory.

And by doing that I believe God shows and guides me in how to act that out into my life, and when something I am doing isn't to my full potential, He leads me away and gives me a better way to spend my time.

It's hard though, the world says we should have time for school or our job, for our family, for this commitment  and that commitment, and really importantly time for ourselves too.  But actually God says 'give me it all'.

And you know its so tempting to say, 'YES! Have it all God, but actually, you know, can I just have that hour back then? And thinking of it, I could do with anther 3 hours on that day...' and in the end we can find ways to justify how we have split up our own time.

But what keeps bringing me back to Him?  So if I can do this much on my own feet, or by giving only that amount of time to God, just think how much God could do through me if I gave Him my all, and how awesome that would be!

He is worth it, God is not selfish, in giving Him my life, He dwells in m, and the life He breathes in is so much better than imaginable, its so much stronger, and fuller, and complete.  It overflows with goodness, and joy, and all things good.

It's not easy, but it is possible in His strength, and His almighty power.

By His grace I am free. I am free.