Sunday, 24 March 2013

127 hours.

For 127 hours Aron had his arm completely wedged between a boulder and the edge of a deep ravine.

In the end he sawed his own arm off.

Have you seen the film? Its gruesome, but so very poignant.

So many of us seem to unwittingly have boulders holding us back. No matter how much we struggle, pull, and shove they won't shift.

And it really is awful imagery, but maybe there's something we need to leave behind?

Maybe we need to go through a really hard, but necessary process.

Maybe we need to remove something from ourselves that we think to be essential, but in fact is the very thing tying us down, the very thing stopping us from carrying on.

There is a life out there for living, but sometimes we have boulders come and stop us in our tracks, they hold us down, and bleed us dry.

They remove all that is good from us, draining us of all we had, and in the end we begin to shut down.

I don't believe it to be always pain free, in fact perhaps it is more often ever so painful.

It hurts. Leaving something so very key to who we believe we are behind, is never going to be easy. Its going to hurt, but its important.

We need to be ready to change, develop, learn, move on, we need to be ready to let go of what we hold onto, to enable us to be able to run for, and grasp onto what we are heading for.

Sometimes God's plan for us means we need to stop clinging onto the things holding us back, stop clinging onto security, normality and comfort and step out in faith and with trust in and reliance on God, right into the depth of the unknown.

And it might hurt, it might be the hardest, scariest thing we have ever done, but it will be worth it. We'll be stepping into a life worth living. A full-life. A life overflowing and abundant with goodness, and love, mercy and grace, and ultimately: hope. Hope for the Now. And hope for the future too.

Each of us is chosen. And each of us has a very unique plan, let us be willing to step out of comfort and into the unknown. To endure pain for the greater good.

Let us rest assured: God never creates pain, or hurt, or suffering, it is not in His being. But He does always use it for good.

Let us be in it for the long haul. Let us not leave our posts.

All is grace.

Dreaming bigger as we step into the new.