Sunday, 10 February 2013

People are people.

I know it's obvious, OF COURSE people are people.

But the thing is, for some reason I forget.

I live in a society where people are constantly put into groups, classified, said to be in this percentage of people, counted, thought to be a number.  We like sectioning people up, and fitting them into our theories and ideas, it makes us feel safer.

Yes they might have all these issues but if they fit into that category or they can be given a name and a description, then we can apply this treatment and they will be able to get back to 'normal'.

When did we let this happen?

When did we start stripping people of their identity, stripping them of what makes them unique, what makes them them?

Now I have to remind myself, and remember that people are people.  That is the truth of it.

And though people are people importantly there are differences between us all, we all have the things that make us unique, but also, of equal importance, there are similarities between us all.

Over in Medina, Brazil, The Pink House has recently been opened, a refuge for girls at risk of or trapped in child prostitution.  Currently welcoming 50 girls through its doors, it aims to cater for more and more of these beautiful people.  Often third generation prostitutes, they know no other way of life, how can we let this happen?  The Pink House gives girls whose 'normal' is trauma, suffering and exploitation the space to find the freedom to be themselves, express themselves, and dream of a better life - through dance.

And do you know The Pink House only opened about two weeks ago, and on the second day there were girls queueing up a whole two and a half hours before the doors were due to open.  This is a place where they are told the truth, the lies are stripped from them, and in their place the truths are breathed over them, giving them life, and hope:

"You are loved, you are special and you are worthy of your dreams. This is painted on one of the walls in The Pink House and this week we did an exercise exploring what this meant to the girls. As you can imagine many of the girls don’t yet believe this to be real for them or their lives. They all made a love heart on a chain on which they wrote the words 'I am loved, I am special, I am worthy of my dreams', which they took home. Pray that these words come alive in their hearts and over the coming weeks they start to believe these words and discover the quality’s and dreams God has placed on the inside of them." - meninadanรงa

And how about right here? Someone I know, he's a youth worker, a few years ago he took this job. There were about 6 young people coming on a Friday night, now 130 is the average.  And they start arriving half hour before the doors are opened.

And week on week this question comes up with me and my friend, 'Why does he like it? Why does he keep wanting to come back?' to spend time with us.

But do you know in it all, in every person I've met, read or heard about: people are people and when we see a good thing we want more of it.

We have this God-shaped hole inside, and we want, we yearn to be loved.  And when we find a space where we can just let go and be us, when we are loved for who we are.  When we are listened to and cared about we go back for more.  We are queueing at the door of God, even when we don't realise it's Him we're queueing for.

People are people from England to the Dominican Republic, from Australia, to Canada, to USA, to Uganda, to India, to every corner of this crazy-busy-bubbling world.  People are people and we yearn to be loved.  Loved by He who created us, our King.

People are people, beautiful, loved, chosen, children of God people. Sons and Daughters to the King of Kings.  When are we going to step away from our separations, our numbers, and our separations, our classifications and just love them as they are.  Love them with God's all-conquering, unconditional love.

{And when we gather in His name, for Him...IN Him, His presence is there, His love is outpoured, and there is NO thing greater.  
Because in Him there is transformation, and hope, and freedom.  
And we CAN get up each day and keep going.}

"Because when we are in over our heads, the only way to stand is to fall on our knees and touch the heart of God." -  And I am well over my head, and I feel like I'm drowning, and I keep getting myself in a mess, and it would be easier to just run away, and I can only pray and pray and pray.  And they're standing next to me and I can't believe it but still I'm panicking and all I can do is pray, and I just keep falling to my knees before the King of Kings.  Because as we fall lower we are lifted higher, and He is glorified.