Saturday, 2 February 2013

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.

The truth of the matter is, after nearly 7 months since I left the country for two weeks, I might have finally started to let it sink in.

God is in control! And nothing happens by coincidence, because God has a plan, and He loves me, and He works everything for good.

So no, I still haven't stopped thinking about the Dominican Republic.  Yes, I would love to get on a plane tomorrow.

But God knows the desires of my heart, He knows them better than I do, He knows how they will change or grow, blossom or move on.  He knows, and He has it all covered.

He knows the difference between what I'm feeling on top, feeling right now, and the deepest depths of my heart's longings.

And I am learning to trust, because He is working in me, and He is breathing life into the dry bones, and showing me how to trust, leading the way in it all.

And He's not just teaching, He is saying, "Look, just LOOK at how I bless you, how I answer your prayers, how I provide for your needs!"  And over and over He lavishes His never ending blessings upon me.

But do you know what is making me really excited, making me feel a buzz of contentment, feel okay as I sit right here... I want to be here!

Because YES I would love to get on the next plane out of here, but I would feel really sad to not be right here for this year!  I have things (big, exciting things) planned, and I really don't want to miss them.

I cannot wait to have experienced more, learnt more, and grown more!  I am kind of enjoying the challenge of the waiting.

Yes I still get down, yes I get extremely frustrated when I see just how closed other people's eyes are.  But that is part of it all!

{If I had never come back from the Dominican Republic, I can only imagine how impossible I'd have found it to understand other people's responses to it all.  The truth is it is really hard to understand.

Before I went I thought I knew the truth of what is out in the world, now I know I knew next to nothing, and I still don't know much more.  But what I do know is that we must never assume we understand, or that we know what is going on, until we see it for ourselves.  Until our eyes are opened.}

In the Dominican Republic we visited a little shack vilaage called Chichigua.  The only solid building there was the Church, that day Tropical Storm Isaac was hitting the south of the island, so we had extremely heavy rain, we went into the Church to shelter.  We sang some songs, and some of the villagers came to see us.  One girl was probably about 12, she got up in front of all these people she didn't know and sang Here I am to Worship, and Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord. She probably didn't even know the meaning of all the words she was singing, but in a place that faces such brokenness, and things I cannot imagine, a girl sang and Beauty flowed from her mouth, colour filled the building, and spread its way out, and there IS always hope, because even those broken fall to their knees to worship, and even they ask for their eyes to be opened.

If only we started to realise how blind we are, maybe we would find new meaning in the kids song, 'Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord'.

Because truthfully it is so profound, and with God in and behind and flowing through the opening of our eyes, there IS power, and hope for a future that looks brighter, and so very different.

THIS is a journey that will never be done. The Dominican Republic opened my eyes, revealed my heart, AND changed my plans for the future...

Learning to align the beat of my heart with the beat of His...and to never stop asking Him to open my eyes not just to the yuck, but to the Beauty too.