Friday, 15 February 2013

Only water: 40 days.

Well as usual Lent came round the corner and I started poo pooing it and saying it was a waste of time, then Ann Voskamp and Sarah Bessey breathed word of life into the dry bones.  And something stirred deep.  And I made the decision to not let anything pass my lips for drink other than water.  No beloved Starbucks, no Fanta or Tango or Tropicana... and as I write my mouth waters.

So for 40 days I am drinking only water.

And already I've broken, just hours after deciding... a sip of wine passed my lips, because my Saviour died for me, and I can't say no to the bread or the wine for any reason.  Its the least I can do, the start of what I can do, the end of what I can do, and in His presence I will eat the bread and drink the wine.

And in His presence I will drink only water, and I need cleansing and refreshing and renewing, and I know in Him all this can be done.  So I am trusting.

There is a Holy ground feeling in this one, as I strip off all the misted, and orange, and coloured, and I return to clear.  I stop with all the impurities of fizz, and flavour, and cream, and I return to the basis of all. I feel the purity of Him stepping in, and it's like I'm removing my dirty shoes to come into His presence.

Only water...2 days in and I've already been tempted multiple times, but the water will build me and make me strong.  And I must remember only water, and in the remembering and the reminder each time I drink, I contemplate His gift to me, the ultimate gift, and maybe my heart shifts a little more.

Treading on Holy ground as I step into His presence.

Dreaming bigger as I wonder at the stars and drink only water.