Saturday, 2 February 2013

"Let us Flourish"

Now is not an easy place to be, but somehow God is working in all that hard-ness and He's bringing the Now-colours out.

The colours of THIS moment, He is giving me direction in how to live Now.

Let us live fully AWAKE, awake to the moments around us, awake to the little things, because life isn't made up of the momentous occasions, it's made up of the little moments.  Let us be fully AWARE of what is out there, aware that the devil seeks to steal, kill and destroy.  Aware of the hurt out there, aware of what is happening to our fellow human beings, our brothers and our sisters!  Let us be fully ARMED, God gives us His armour (Ephesians 6:10-18) so that we are ready for the battle, we are not to shy away from living in the moment, we are to be brave and as is said repeatedly, 'take courage'.  We ask God for courage, but He is saying over and over 'it's right here, just take it'.  Sometimes we don't actually want the courage, because not having it excuses us from living fully, living bravely, living Now.

God answered my prayers this week, prayers I'd forgotten about and He blessed me.  But in it all I realised this: the power is not in the prayer, the power is in God.  But the prayer is our way to a relationship with Him.

So in Him it is not surprising when our prayers are answered because He is all powerful, and by the way they are ALWAYS answered, even when we don't see it so well.

Let us open our eyes, to God and His heart.

Let us open our hearts to His Beauty, for it surrounds us, we just need to look for it!

We can be positive or we can be negative, the negative is screaming at us for our attention, but let us be the people who don't give it the time of day.  Let us look for the gold in people, and then SHOUT about it!

Let us tell everyone we know about why this person is amazing, let us tell this person why they are amazing! Let us be sincere, and full of truth.

Let us rise up above and beyond the stealing, the lying, the killing, the destruction.  Let us be like eagles, like the birds who settle in the branches of the Kingdom of God.

Let us Flourish.  Flourish like we were created to.