Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Learning from Jacob.

Recently I have been reading Genesis; it is so very fascinating. How all the connections work and what people did. But Jacob has inspired me the most, you see he lies and messes up a LOT. He lies to his own father, and he's tricked so easily by his father-in-law. And in all this screwing up God still lavishes His blessings upon Him.

He protects him and carries him through and just does not stop loving him.

But there's something else, yes God does love him a LOT, but Jacob is not afraid to work, he does back-breaking work without stopping, he keeps on and on and on, he sees what he wants, and he works hard for it, and even though it may seem his blessings come from his hard work, he sees past any self-admiration and thanks God, because he knows, that God is the One really behind it all.

Are we willing to put the work in?

Are we willing to keep on and on and on even when we are cheated out of what we have worked so hard for?

Are we willing to give God every ounce of the glory?

For it is His.

But we do seem to crave it rather a lot too.

Learning from Jacob. Lying, cheating, deceiving Jacob. Loved, cherished, cared-for, blessed, child of God, Jacob.