Sunday, 24 February 2013

Holy ground.

We all have mud on our shoes.

The burdens, the hurts, the pains, and the fight we had with this person yesterday, or that mistake we made.

When we start thinking about it the mud is piling high, how is it even okay to leave our mudded shoes anywhere near His presence.

Yet He calls us by name, He invites us to tread on holy ground.

He asks us to remove our shoes.

We all have mud on our shoes.

But it doesn't matter how much mud you have compared to the person standing next to you, God doesn't compare you, by His grace He invites you into His presence however you are feeling.

He removes the weight of your shoes, and He dances with you freely on holy ground.

Are you going to do your side of the dance?

Are you going to bend low and untie your shoes?

"If God shows you a burning bush, get close to it and work to understand every inch of it."

Don't be indifferent, be in awe, marvel at what your Creator can do.

Dare to pray for the impossible.

Whoever, however you are, God is calling your name, by His love and His grace you can be welcomed onto holy ground.

Approach the throne of grace with boldness, pulling your muddy shoes off, and dancing in the dirt on the holy ground.