Monday, 25 February 2013


For some reason, unknown to me, many people have gotten all tangled up in this mess of a question, how was the world created?

Okay, so maybe it isn't a total mess. It is our human nature that causes us to be interested, and want to know the unknown. But I think that this is the point, it is the unknown.

A few years ago I struggled with this question myself. I was hearing two different accounts of creation, one I had known since I was tiny and another being fed to me by my school. The difference? One involved God, the other involved a big bang.

One day I came to my conclusion, who am I to say that the world must have been created by a big bang, I go around trying to tell people about this awesome, almighty and powerful God and then I limit Him to the only way humans can think the earth was created? Like seriously, how contradictory is that?

People might label me as a creationist, and okay, you go ahead and do that.

But I'm not really here to choose a label, what I want to say is... I refuse to limit my God by human understanding, I don't know how the world was created, but if I believe that Jesus died on a cross and three days later rose again because it says so in the Bible, then when it says that God created this earth in 6 days, and on the 7th He rested I'm not going to be the one to dispute that. I am over here living out my life, I am trying to build this relationship with my Creator bigger and bigger, and actually what has already come to pass is not such a huge problem right now. So yes I believe it is more than possible that God created the world in 6 days. I believe Him more than capable of putting these giant what-we-call fossils under the ground, I believe that in Him anything is possible.

But let's not be caught up by these things. What matters is that He loves me, He chooses me, and by His grace I can step into the plans He has for me.

Trying to open my eyes onto the bigger picture... focusing on what counts.