Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Brokenness is not Beautiful, but it can lead to it.

Brokenness in itself is not beautiful.  It just isn't.  But through brokenness Beauty can be revealed.

God doesn't create brokenness, but He does use it for good, He does use it to uncover the hidden Beauty.

And I think there is an important difference.

---- I was set a photo challenge {you are given a list of words and the task of representing the word through photography} and one word on my list was 'Beauty'.

I said, 'Let us find a homeless person'.  And the reply was, 'This depends on perspective, for the fact they are homeless is not Beautiful at all.' My response, 'Yes, but underneath there is Beauty, there is always hidden Beauty, it just takes some uncovering.' ----

The pain, the hurt, the suffering, the yuck, the mess, the complete rubbish.

All this stuff that happens in our world.  It is not Beautiful.

I can only think it a crime when we look into another's eyes and see pure pain, and say, 'Oh how Beautiful.'  Because NO brokenness is not Beautiful, what is Beautiful is the indelible hope found in God.  There is NO thing that can take the hope found in Him away, I know this because the hope is found in His love, and His love is like NOthing else, I cannot explain it, but the closer I draw to God the better I understand it for myself.

And I think that is probably an important point, I can't receive God's love for you as well as His love for me, it just doesn't work like that, you need to go to Him yourself and receive His love for you, then as you draw near to Him you will get a deeper understanding of His love for you as He reveals His heart for you to you.

I find that really frustrating, I want to be able to explain, I want to be able to just get people to understand.  But its not really down to me, it is your choice to accept the love that your Creator is yearning to lavish upon you.

No matter what, even in deepest brokenness God loves, and by His love there is always hope, and in hope there IS Beauty.   And so though brokenness itself is not Beautiful, underneath, and behind and in between beauty can be found.