Tuesday, 22 January 2013

YOU are a missionary...

I want to empower you to know that YOU are a missionary.  There was a time when I'd have thought this to be downgrading, out of prejudice concepts of a younger mind, but I've seen something Beautiful happening through the work of people who start letting their calling to be a missionary flow out of them, and NOW I think they are inspirational.

I also think that 'missionary' has lost its meaning...because many assume that to be a missionary we have to go thousands of miles away to another country, but I want to tell you that your mission field is right under your nose.  As God places some people to go out to the far corners of the earth, He has placed YOU right where you are.

What does it mean to be a missionary...it means being Jesus, acting as He did, and does! Loving until it hurts, and even further.  Flowing with grace in abundance.  And drawing so close to God's heart that your heart beats to the same rhythm as His.

Let us be the people who pray, let us pray until the mountains move, but let us be ready to get up off our swivel-chairs, off our couches, and our stalls, and move the mountain together...one stone at a time.

Many of these stones are going to be really heavy, it's going to take a lot of us with a lot of pushing, shoving and chipping away to get them moved, but we CAN do this, if we keep ourselves grounded in God.  In His love for us, and in His love for every one of us.

Because God's love knows no bounds.

Wherever you are right now, whatever you may be doing tomorrow morning, however your circumstances present themselves to you, this is the moment, the time, the place in which you have been placed, use each moment to the full, infuse it with so much love and Beauty that it overspills to the next.  Let us find true joy together.

Let us love this mountain into moving, let us act this mountain into moving, let us pray this mountain into moving.  Let us have the faith to fall down, defeated and down-trodden in the dirt, because when all is said and done the gutter may be where we end up.  But if God calls us to the gutter, let us continue to thank and glorify Him, and let us always remember that God is good.

Good is what He is, in every moment, in every little thing, it always comes back to Him being good.

And us trusting in His unending, infinite, measureless goodness.

And sometimes all that's left to say is 'AMEN'.  Because friends seem to always manage to put it as I think it.

They voice what I had not realised I'd been feeling.

Tomorrow I dare to live, I stand brave, and I do my little piece of Rebuilding right here in my little mission field.  And I am really scared, my friend will be holding my hand, and I will be IN God's hand.  So I will try to trust and love and hope and move this mountain together.