Wednesday, 23 January 2013

'You are loved.'

Here I am, here we are, trying and trying and trying.  But as much as I try and shout, as much as I try to breathe deep and holler it until I'm hoarse.  Still you don't seem to believe me.

What lie is it that you are believing?  Because I am telling you the truth it is a lie.

No-one should ever feel like you feel, no-one should feel devalued.  No-one should dig themselves a hole and then bury themselves in it every time they start questioning.  Because there is no-one who is worthless, and I mean no-one.

You are very worthy, you are worth more than you know, a LOT LOT more.  And I love you.  Do you hear me? I love you.  Just as you are, with all the rubbish and the mess and the yuck.  WITH all the baggage.  But I know I judge, and I'm sorry.

But let me remind you of the One who is never prejudice.

I try to remind you, I try to scream it at you, but I know it comes out as moanings.

I am sorry.  I am frustrated because I love you and I can see you hurt.

I know you try to hide it all and bury it all, but I can see.  And I really, really want to help you out.

I don't know how, so I pray and I pray and I pray.  And I feel lost in it all because I don't know where to turn next.

So all I can say is 'You are loved.'

I'm going to keep whispering it until you begin to realise it to be the truth.  And I will continue even after, because 'You are loved.'

Find life in these words, find freedom from all that is tying you down.

Don't let anyone's words hurt you, especially those you love, because they will hurt, and they will cut deep, but bring your wounds to Jesus and His blood will flow, and you will be healed.

Because, 'You are loved.'

And not even because, simply, 'You are loved.'

Completely, wholly, and including every single part of you: 'You are loved.'

There is nothing about you, not what you say, how you look, what others' think that will take this away: 'You are loved.'

And I am feeling physically sick, how can I have watched you plummet further into this?

All I can manage to whisper is 'You are loved.'

Because with all my energy spent, THAT is all that is left.

And THAT is all that is needed: 'You are loved.'

Maybe one day you will hear me, maybe one day my whispers, my cries, my screamings from the depths of my soul, will be heard above all the mess, and the yuck.

'You are loved.'

Please believe me.

Please just slightly trust.

You say you trust me, you said that, you did, so will you trust me in this?

'You are loved.'

And not just by me, by others too.  But really our love counts for nothing it is His love that will give you life back.

It is His love that will infuse you with a passion for life.  A passion that flows through to the deepest, darkest, most hurting places, and you will want to live.

You will want to live and love because  'You are loved.'

'You are loved.'

'You are loved.'

'You are loved.'

Are there any questions on the matter?

It is really simple, I promise: 'You are loved.'