Monday, 21 January 2013

The Old Gentleman and the Princess.

Miracles do happen.

I can offer up story after story after story after story, to back this one up.

But I am not here to prove anything, you will know in due course the truth about these miracles, but for now I would like to share a short story with you about the Father who loves us, I wrote it in April 2011...

One day a young princess ventured out of the safety of her plush bedroom into the grounds of the castle for a walk.

She was dawdling and twirling her way through a field, picking flowers as she went, when she suddenly bumped into an old, old gentleman.

The old gentleman had a very kind face. Though she did not know him the moment she looked at him she immediately loved him. To the point that she would have given her life for him then, if it had been asked of her.

The old gentleman smiled at her and spread his arms out wide, emmbracing her into a hug that was both wonderfully comfortable and hugely meaningful too.

He greeted the princess, "Hello, my beautiful child, Esther", he knew her name, she didn't have to tell him, he just knew. 

She felt like she knew him too, she stayed talking with the old man a very long time. They walked for a while, laughing, and joking, he said to her, "It is okay if you need to leave." 

But she replied, "I do not mind", because every time she looked into his eyes she loved him. It was not a love that was forced onto her, but a love that she felt of her own choice, and she felt it strongly. The girl knew right to the bottom of her heart that this was an old gentleman who could be trusted completely.

They continued to talk, he told her many, many wise things, things that if you and I were told we would not forget them for the rest of our lives. They talked of serious matters, and once or twice the little princess was almost brought to tears, but their talking was always in love.

As they talked the sun began to sink into the earth, the stars began to dance in the sky and the moon shone brightly. 

Esther began to feel tired and as she sat there listening to the old man's voice she grew more and more sleepy, her head began to drop and her eyes felt heavy, soon she was asleep in the old gentleman's arms. 

The gentleman sat and looked at the beautiful princess for a while. He knew she could not get cold, for he was always warm, the burning flame inside of him always kept him alight with warmth. 

He sat underneath the grass in the middle of a field of daisies, as he looked at the princess all he could do was smile, he loved her with a love that could not be broken, the sort of love that a father shows for his children, but even better. 

This sort of love is unimaginable and uncontainable, indescribable even... 

When the little girl woke up, she slowly opened her eyes. She saw her bed, her duvet and the picture of her mum on the wall. She began to think, and as she did, she remembered how she had fallen asleep. She remembered the love that she saw in the old man's eyes, and she felt that love again. 

She longs to see the old gentleman again and as long as she remembers that old gentleman's love for her, and as long as she shares that love with all the people she meets, she WILL meet him again... 

...perhaps you do not like my story, it is simple and should not be taken literally. Perhaps you will not agree but for me this story is a metaphoric image of God and me. It is one of many images I have of him. For me it is also an image of the relationship that God can have with any person. I imagine a little girl because this shows the vulnerability that I have and the vulnerability that we all have. Maybe the little girl, for you, is a little boy but either way God loves me and God loves you, his love is unconditional and nothing can ever break his love for us.  Why a princess?  I am a daughter of the King of Kings.

This is still true for me today, but I know that my understanding of His love has deepened further than I could have imagined when I wrote this story.  Each step in this journey takes me another step further in beginning to understand the Father's love for me, and accepting it, and overflowing with it, and acting it, and wanting to do His Kingdom-work more and more.

His fire has spread, I hope to be someone who is always warm, with an ever-burning light, and love.