Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Let's learn to love all, for always.

Tonight I am challenged by my own judgements and opinions, because as writers I love like Sarah and Emily, speak out from the depths of their own pain and their own experiences, I realise that sometimes I forget what God is really calling, underneath and above and beyond it all, His forever breaths whisper with the beat of His heart, 'I love you.'

Never-ending and unchanging, God loves us anyway, for always.

But it doesn't end there because God doesn't need to love us anyway, because in Him we are made whole, made clean, made new, so He loves us, because of exactly who we are not in spite of who we are or what we've done.

He wipes the slate clean, and we are new.

But it's hard to not let our own judgements and opinions lead us to condemning someone.

Because I can't say that I think having sex before marriage is okay, because I just don't.  And I can't say that I think it's okay to have an abortion.

Because there is some things that my love for life and  my love for God, they just take over, and my head hurts at these things, and my soul aches, because I want so much more for you.  And I think you're worth so much more.

I have seen the damage these things can cause, both physically and emotionally.  But I also have an awe and wonder at the holiness and purity in the body God has gifted to us, so why would we ever want to give ourselves away on a whim?

But its true, I do want to love all, no matter what.

I can't say it's okay, and I'm not going to.  But I do love you.

Tuesdays always bless me, because I have a special time where I just sit back and be, and whether I laugh or whether I cry, whether I'm rude, or even when I get it wrong, they surround me and they love me, and they help me to get back on my feet, and they tell me when I get it wrong, and they let me BE me.  And this is one of the greatest gifts I have ever known.

So when am I going to let other people BE THEMSELVES.  And stop judging? And stop imposing my opinions? And stop announcing the problems I have with them?

And learn to simply love.

Because when should we ever shame?  When should we ever create guilt?

It's not okay to elevate ourselves above everyone else, in doing so we are surely judging God too?

We are SO MUCH MORE than our virginity.  It is pure and holy, and can bring so many blessings, but God is bigger than that.  God is bigger than it all, He is ready, at every moment, to take us into His arms of grace, and love us and love us and love us.

So let's learn to love all, for always.  As God does.