Friday, 18 January 2013

Choking snow transformed to Now.

The snow is falling all around, and its choking me with its confinement, and slowly but surely I seem to be getting more and more trapped right here in my own home.

And I am dreaming of starry nights, where they sparkle so bright it just makes my tummy turn and my heart leap, and I start jumping and spinning, and I am all in a wonderful sort of dizzy.

My feet are cold and I am just trying to snuggle up by the fire, wondering about how to spend my time.

I am sitting here listening to music and so I thought I'd share a list of my favourite Artists...

Dara Maclean. Francesca Battistelli. NEEDTOBREATHE. Rend Collective Experiment. Nicki Rogers.

As I began to gather their names, I only got but a few before I turned, and I lived in the Now.  My friend trudged through the snow, and then we went for a wander together, before snuggling in to watch a film, and then going out to meet up with others.

See this was Now at it's best, because when I was prepared to sit around staring into screens that surrounded me, I got up, walked away, and spent time with someone I love.

And here's the thing this was all about Now, this wasn't rushing through, this was doing whatever I wanted to in that moment, choosing, and loving through each moment of the evening.  Without dropping commitments.

This was about what I fancied in that Now, and what we fancied in that Now, and what we were going to do.

A stroll through the snow, turned to a snuggling up to watch The Notebook, with pizza, and then Waffles smothered in chocolate at a friend's playing games and then talking about human trafficking.  Because that is who we are.

Perhaps the snow isn't so overpowering, perhaps living Now can conquer even the most confining things, perhaps God can use every moment, even when it seems unlikely.

Living Now, now, so that tomorrow I can fulfil my dreams: but will tomorrow ever come? And maybe as I live Now I will fulfil my dreams without noticing and then fall with leaps and bounds into the realm beyond the dreaming.  Into the realm of the King's dreaming, into His plans, because grace let's me in.