Thursday, 10 January 2013

Because life is about those little moments...

The past few days everywhere I've looked I've seen the Dominican Republic. And to be honest it just gets me down, because I really want to be there still. And I don't have the money or the means to go this year. And will I be able to go next year? Or even the year after that? Will I ever be able to go? And I get onto this downward spiral, until I'm spiralling out of control, into the deep depths of worry and hurt and longing I have in my heart about it all.

I say I want to go to the Dominican Republic. And people ask me what it is I want to do there. To be honest, I just don't know, all my head can think is that I want to be there.

Today, this evening, I swallowed down my fears and went to meet with people from Church, a home group.

And I don't know why I was scared, I now feel blessed, and whole, and as I sat there, they slowly chipped off my thoughts and I let myself relax, and just sink into the moment.

And I could just be. Right there.

In there love, and laughs, and complete trust in just being themselves with each other, I took the tape-seals off of my guard and let it fall.

And maybe living-again, will happen.

There is always hope, and it does turn up in surprises, and God never fails.

Thank you God.