Monday, 28 January 2013

Always the starfish.

I've got something to tell you about.

It's been a little seed of passion-fruit planted in my heart, and slowly it has taken root and began to grow strong and powerful.

The passion has just got more and more fire in its belly.

It is human you remember that bracelet I wore? It was on my wrist for 263 days.  And then it disappeared in the night, and I don't know where it has gone.  But with my wrist being released from the rags around it, a passion to rise up and do something about the 27 million people being trafficked globally.

As we go about our every day lives another person is taken into slavery every 30 seconds.

Parents are out there selling their children for less than $20, because they don't have a choice, and they are given false promises.  There is story after story after story out there, about real, beautiful, living people out being forced and entrapped into exploitation and slavery.

There is even a 'How many slaves work for you?' quiz that you can do.  According to this I have 46 slaves working for me.  46 living, breathing, beautiful people slaving whilst I live comfy, and without care.

I feel physically sick as I read story after story after story about God's children stuck in entrapment, losing the will to live, wondering if they are not really alive, but in hell instead.  Because they are in a complete world of lies, and everywhere they turn is another person giving them false promises, taking advantage of them, and not caring an inch for the breath that still manages to force its way through their veins.

When are we going to stand up and say that we won't let this happen any longer?

It is clear from the Bible that God's heart is to speak up for the voiceless, just look at what He has done for us.

We have a voice, we have freedom, won't you join me to stop using these things in our selfish ways? To stop taking advantage of our own brothers and sisters? To 'Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;ensure justice for those being crushed.' (Proverbs 31:8)?

To proclaim the truth of where real freedom is actually found? Take a stand, don't say it's okay because everyone else does it.

We are in the world but we are not of the world, so let's act like it!

Let us rather be naked, than clothed by exploitation, and slavery.

Let us be prepared to take battering after battering from those we respect, because they think we are crazy.

Let us stand firm even when we are doubted by all.

As we dream big, of a world with no slavery, no hunger, no need for the creation of words such as 'poverty', let us cling to the hope that our God DREAMS EVEN BIGGER.

There is no dream too big for the God of the impossible.  So don't stop because of unlikelihoods.

Find hope, as I do, in the starfish:

Because it is each precious one that matters.

As you go out in the darkness of night, be sure to always look up.  When you can see those stars shining bright, smile big in the knowledge that God knows how many there are, He knows each one by name, and He loves them: there IS hope.