Thursday, 24 January 2013

A 6 year old boy.

A true story...

A man who has been going into schools leading Christian assemblies for many years was beginning to get down about it all: had he actually made any difference in all this time? Did any child actually care? He had just finished up an assembly and all the children were filing out of the hall.

One little boy called out, 'Bye!' so the man walked up to him, the boy continued, 'Thank you so much for coming, I love your prayers, I love it when you pray, I love your praying'.

The boy was with his friend and the man asked them both, 'Do you go to Church?'

The boy's friend replied, 'Yes, I go to St. John's'. The boy's face spread into a huge smile as the man showed recognition to the Church.

The boy continued to chat away, 'My friend says he doesn't believe in God, but I told him I believe in God; he made the world'.

The man asked the boy, 'Do you go to church?'

The boy replied, 'No, my parents don't believe in God, but my grandparents; they pray. I love it, they say thank you before we eat, and they read the bible with me. I love reading the bible.'

'What year are you in?'

'Year 2'

'In September you will get your own Bible.'


As both need to leave the boy said good bye, 'Thank you for coming, I like it when you pray. Thank you, I like talking to you, I'll come and talk to you again next time you come, can you come every day?'

If a 6 year old is so in love with God despite the challenges he is faced with, as well as the differences in opinion, and yet still, his simple, child's faith withstands shaking from his friends and family, perhaps I need to have a look in the mirror, and wonder what I can learn from this little boy, who likes to say thank you.