Sunday, 16 December 2012

The grace to give space: a challenge to myself.

I saw a beautiful thing yesterday...

This man and his daughter sat down to do some making together.  The daughter watched another boy as he made a box, and seeing it she said to her Dad, 'That's what I want to make'.

I explained to the man how to make this box, and so he set to work putting it together.  The boy who had made the box up, he had worked his socks off, making it the best he could, but lets be honest, the card-covered-in-cellotape-mess was not something that appealed to the man.  So he put every effort into making this box as perfectly as he could for his daughter.

He took his time, cutting, gluing, and piecing together.  Finally, he was done, so he handed the box over to his daughter telling her to decorate it however she wanted.

You could see the horror on the man's face, as his daughter decorated this box in the most haphazard, random, crazy way.  This was not within the lines, this certainly had no rhyme or reason, but though the Dad would have liked it done another way, he gritted his teeth, kept a smile on his face, and let his daughter be creative, however she wanted to be. It was so beautiful to watch.

This man had enough grace to let his daughter be who she was, not who he wanted her to be.

We do need to give instruction, guidance is essential, if we never learnt from mistakes, whether our own or someone else's, we would be in a VERY big mess.

However there are times when we need to swallow down our own thoughts, feelings and ideals, to give other people the space to be themselves.

To give the people around us the space to be the child of God they were created to be.

I find it easy to bulldoze a situation, and to remove all space for the people around me, I need the grace to let others be as they are, and to not let me, as I am, get in the way of that.

Be who you are, and let others be who they are.

Have the grace to accept that you can't always be right, and even if you are right, there are some things that need to be learnt the hard way.

So let's keep going together, building each other up, and letting each other have the space to be built-up into.