Monday, 3 December 2012

Restoring hope by daring to live.

I am completely on a high right now! And I 'm hoping that this one is here to stay, of course different things come along that I find hard, but at the moment, underneath it all I am celebrating and feeling like me, which makes me smile so, so much!

I have had quite a few opportunities over the past few years to go and hand out leaflets, and I have taken the opportunity, but I have never actually been brave enough to go up to someone and give them a leaflet, until the Saturday just gone.

Clara's instructions, "Dare to live (safely)", instructions that I believe God is echoing and first commanding, and resonating around, were ringing in my ears, and I knew that this was something that had an irrational fear attached, and I could defeat that if I stepped up to it.

So in a moment I made a decision to just step up and do it, so I took a pile of leaflets stood outside the supermarket in the freezing cold, and gave a leaflet to every single person who would take one from me.

And it was worth it! We collected 3 trolleys-full in our 2 hour time slot for our local foodbank, and I learnt such a lot too.

This choice to dare to live, is releasing, it is completely freedom giving.  It offers such a lot of hope, it encourages and gives courage, it changes the way you make a choice.

Let us always ask the question:
In making this choice am I daring to live (safely)?

I was still scared, I did want to run in the other direction, and snuggle back into bed at such a time on a Saturday morning, but in managing to conquer, and step-over and move on from that irrational fear of putting a piece of paper into another person's hand, I learnt or re-learnt or learnt even more about this fact.

People are people, no matter where they come from, how they dress, what they say, their appearance.  No matter what, people are people, and we are, I am, called to love them.

To love them just as they are.  When you offer someone the opportunity to bring hope to another person's life, they genuinely want to do that, and it is such a beautiful thing to see.

People making the CHOICE to help other people. To LOVE other people, to act different from what is expected, because they aren't going to watch someone suffer.

"How can you live with yourself, watching people die right next you? ...You don't watch, you close your eyes." - In Time, Film 2011

There are people in this world who close their eyes, whether that is out of choice, or because they don't know anything else. They close their eyes to the extent of the pain and suffering that continues to go on, and it makes me angry and confused, and unsure where to turn when people seem to close their eyes quite so much, but there is hope.  And I will tell you why there is hope... there are people out there who though they may not have their eyes fully open (do any of us really?) choose to help.  There are people who choose to give their time and their money to make a difference.

That difference may be small, but I read recently..."How do you move a mountain? One stone at a time."

And if each person moves as many stones as they can, maybe, just maybe, this mountain will be moved. But even along the way with each stone a bit of restoration  a bit of transformation, a bit of hope is brought.

And it is the bringing and restoration of hope, that we can find a drive to make the choice to dare to live, and to overcome our fears. And see that people are people, and we must love them no matter what.