Thursday, 6 December 2012

Don't stop yourself dreaming for the fear of failure.

Not too long ago I wrote a letter to you, I wrote and I asked if you would let me dream...

Now I want to ask you to do something, will you dream please?

Will you realise that it is okay to dream? It is okay to dream crazily wild, fantastic dreams...that to you seem ridiculous, and completely unlikely!

In fact its not just okay, dreaming bigger is something we should be doing!

Dreaming bigger and bigger is not a bad thing, letting yourself dream is so, so important.

We don't know what's going to happen in the future, we don't know where you will end up, we don't know whether your dreams will change, we don't know if your dreams will be the wrong thing.

But that's okay, we can't let any of this stop us from dreaming.

We can't not do something because of the risk of it falling apart, with us looking silly at the end.

There is one HUGE thing that you must remember...God works through the desires of your heart.

God wants you to dream, He created you with the ability to dream, and if you wait on Him, He is not going to let you dream dreams that will leave you feeling hurt and lost. If you ask for Him to work through you, He will never let you get hurt by your dreams.

It is people who realised that it was okay to let themselves dream, that changed history. I am sure that to people like Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, William Wilberforce and Frances Nightingale, their dreams did seem crazy. And I'm sure that there were many people in the world who thought they had lost it. But if they had lost hope because they thought they might fail then change would never have come.

Don't stop yourself dreaming for the fear of failure.

I beg of you, I am scared as anything of the dreams I see coming into view in my head. And it seems the obvious choice to push them away, and to limit myself, especially when so many people I turn to, look at me like I'm crazy. But what I am learning to do is have the grace, and the hope to dream.

To dream and dream and dream and dream. I NEVER want to stop dreaming, when you let yourself dream the world seems full of such a lot more hope. And life seems worth living.

If you know for sure that your dream will be fulfilled, I think you need to get a bigger dream. Go the step further than everyone else.  Step out of the boat and onto the crashing seas. It is worth it.  Dream bigger and trust that God has it all covered.

Please let yourself dream. Dream bigger and bigger and bigger.